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Building foundations for learning, fostering relationships, and providing a safe environment.

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Welcome to Medowie Gumnuts

Medowie Gumnut Preschool is a privately owned service where we pride ourselves on high quality care and education provided by highly trained and motivated staff and higher adult to child ratios than required.


We encourage all families to visit our centre, and chat to our friendly staff to ensure that our Philosophy, practices and Centre suit your family’s expectations and needs.


Medowie Gumnut Preschool is an accredited service Centre. All eligible families are able to apply for the Child Care Benefit (CCB) and/or Child Care Rebate (CCR).

Program Planning

We provide a safe and secure environment that allows children to learn and develop at their own pace while providing support and respect for their individual needs.


We welcome you to read through our Preschool Curriculum and discover what your little one is learning about.

Registration & Waiting List

If you would like to register your child for enrolment at Medowie Gumnut Preschool, you can do so here.

Parent Resources

Links and resources for parents seeking advice on health, family assistance, lunchbox suggestions and more.

“Building a strong foundation for learning, fostering meaningful relationships, and providing a safe and happy environment”.

Our purpose is to build a foundation for learning that will enable the children in our care to be life-long learners. We will provide opportunities for the children to explore and discover the world around them, and develop a sense of wonder and respect for their environment. We will help the children to foster meaningful relationships that will encourage empathy and an understanding that we are all created unique in our own special way.

News & Blog

13 Nov, 2017

What Will Be Changing In The New Child Care Package?

The Australian Government is changing the Child Care Benefit (CCB)/ Child Care Rebate (CCR) subsidy and implementing a new child care package called the Child…

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14 Aug, 2017

Tips to Make Your Mornings with Children Less Chaotic and Frustrating

If you’re tired of stressful mornings with your child, you’re not alone, but we’ve got help for you! Use these tips to make a morning…

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We have an open door policy here at Medowie Gumnut Preschool... so drop in any time and say hello!