Our Values

At Gumnut Preschool we believe that childhood is a unique stage of life. We are committed to the care and overall development of each and every child.

Our aims and beliefs are:

  • To build and foster each child’s self esteem by developing strong feelings of self worth.
  • Children learn through direct experience and self selection as each child is an individual with his/her own strengths, needs and interests.
  • Children are capable of structuring their own learning when provided with the opportunity.
  • Through play to encourage co-operation, consideration, self- motivation and unbiased attitudes.
  • To encourage children to express themselves, communicate and listen to others.
  • To encourage children to make decisions and accept the consequences.
  • To involve families in the daily program and the running of the centre and encourage their involvement through an “open door” policy.
  • To extend and compliment the home by providing a loving, stable, and secure environment in which each child can develop to his/her fullest potential.
  • To employ staff who possess knowledge of the emotional and developmental needs of the children, and through inservice workshops we aim to extend their skills.
  • Our staff must be nurturing, sensitive, and committed to the well being of the children and families at the centre.
  • To provide good working conditions for the staff; to encourage stable and lasting relationships within the centre.
  • To maintain high standards of hygiene and care.
  • Communication is the basis of a happy centre.

(This is a brief summary of our Philosophy, Goals, Aims and Long Term Goals for Children which you will find placed in a labelled folder in the family information centre, please read these in detail).

We strive to provide the highest quality child care service to all families regardless of race, religion, social or economic background, culture, sex, creed or abilities.

To ensure our programs encourage the development of independence, decision making and self respect in all children, by respecting each child’s individuality and nurturing every child’s physical, mental, social, environmental and spiritual needs. Thereby encouraging all children to value and respect each other’s differences and similarities.

To use only positive management strategies when dealing with children’s behaviour, to provide positive guidance and boundaries so children can understand behavioural limits.

To provide support, assistance and information to parents on early childhood development whenever requested and ensure parents are actively informed of, and welcomed to participate in, centre activities.

To employ quality trained staff who are encouraged and supported in continuous professional development.

To teach all children to understand our surrounding cultural environment and to care for our natural environment.