Program Planning & Goals

Educators at Medowie Gumnut Preschool implement a child-centred program based upon the principles outlined in the NSW curriculum framework and the National Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) – ‘Belonging, Being & Becoming.’ We strive to empower children, by using their thoughts and ideas to develop the program. Educators provide a balanced play and interest based program that covers the five areas of children’s development (emotional, social, physical, language and cognitive) along with transitions and routines.

We provide a safe and secure environment that allows children to learn and develop at their own pace while providing support and respect for their individual needs. We implement a flexible program that is responsive to the evolving nature of the early childhood environment and that provides for different learning styles. We use both the indoor and outdoor environment to encourage the children’s ability to observe, perceive, explore, investigate, imagine, make choices and problem solve.

Throughout our program, we introduce children to a wide range of social and cultural experiences, family types and different ways of doing things so they will learn to value diversity, learn to accept challenges they may face and become fully realised members of society. Programs encourage the growth and development of the child as a whole. Skills such as creativity, curiosity, independence, self help skills, decision-making and negotiation are fostered through daily routines and occurrences.

Families are encouraged to be involved in all aspects of their children’s daily experiences providing a link between the centre and home. The play based programs that are developed by staff on a fortnightly basis are based on child and caregiver initiated experiences and individual observations taken of the children during their play.

Children are encouraged to choose experiences for themselves and staff are available to support children in this decision making process. Positive interactions are encouraged and supported between staff and children and children and their peers.

Individual portfolios: Children’s portfolios are developed to maintain an ongoing story of the child’s development whilst they are in our care. They are designed to follow the child from commencement at the centre, building on pre-existing information. Portfolios are a record of the child’s process of learning. When children leave Medowie Gumnut Preschool, the portfolio becomes the property of the family providing them with a record of their child’s time whilst at the centre.

Reflective Journals: The reflective journal provides families with a reflection of the daily happenings within the room.

Project Books: Project books provide families with a glimpse of daily life within the centre. They are documented learning stories of special experiences the children have been involved in.

Inclusion Support: We aim to foster within each individual an awareness and acceptance of others cultures, religious and ethnic beliefs. We aim to support individual needs and understand the uniqueness of each person.

Other Programs

From time to time the Centre may provide other “special” programs presented by specialists in various areas such as dance, cultural experiences and creative art experiences. Information about such programs will be given through the Centre’s newsletter.

For further information on the Early Years Learning Framework please see the following –