Children Left Unattended in Cars

On a typical Australian summer day, the temperature inside a parked car can be as much as 30 degrees to 40 degrees hotter than the outside temperature.

Imagine even on day of approximately 20 degrees, the temperature inside a closed car could be up to 60 degrees!

According to health experts, one of the most dangerous factors during excessively hot weather is the addition of humidity. Children do not tolerate the heat as well as adults as their bodies generate more heat relative to their size than adults do. They also lose more fluids because they have a greater proportion of skin surface in relation to their size.

Always ensure that children travelling in cars are not overheating and have adequate fluid intake.

Leaving a child in a car can be extremely dangerous, so never leave children alone in a car. Click here to download a copy of the Kids in Cars brochure. Kids in cars brochure is also available in the following languages: Arabic / Chinese / Korean / Vietnamese

Kidsafe, in partnership with NRMA, promoted car safety through the “Never Leave Children Alone In A Car” campaign, which involved the production of posters for display in car-parks and other vicinities to remind parents and carers that children should not be left alone in a locked car.
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